Part of God's Church In Exeter
Part of God's Church In Exeter

Join a Team

CCC has various teams that serve in different capacities. If you would like to become involved in one of these teams, then please contact the ministry team leaders or speak to one of the CCC Leadership team.

Welcome Team –  Ron & Judy Impey head up our Welcome Team, to make sure that all attending are warmly welcomed and that Newcomers are made to feel at home and any questions they have are answered. Newcomers breakfasts or lunches are occasionally arranged to help people find out more about  CCC, how they can be involved and to help therm make the decision of whether they want to be part of the CCC family. You will meet members of the Welcome Team when you arrive at CCC and are greeted by them at the door on a Sunday morning.

Refreshments Team – Grant & Fiona Boorer head up our Refreshments Team, providing tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits immediately after our Sunday morning meetings, as well as at other occasional CCC Events. This team arrive early to make sure the refreshments area is set up and that everything is ready to be served at the end of the meeting with drinks also readily available for the children’s Groups.

Early Bird Team – Roger Kaye, heads up our Early Bird team. This dedicated team arrive early each Sunday morning to set the hall up and put out all the chairs and all the necessary equipment, in readiness for teams of people serving. They ensure Health & Safety requirements are met and also put all the equipment away at the end of each meeting.

Prayer and Pastoral Ministry Team – Margery Perschky heads up our Prayer and Pastoral care team. We have a team of people available to pray for any needs and concerns and they can point you in the right direction for any pastoral care or counselling required, in full confidentiality. If you have a need for prayer, do seek out one of the Prayer Ministry Team at any point during a meeting.

CCC is an extremely active church with individuals working in prisons, schools, with homeless people and Healing On The Streets in Exeter each Sunday (joining with two other city churches). Some people from the church family travel to other countries to preach, teach and encourage and we want to be a missional church with a global perspective.