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Mission In Action



Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”  Matthew 28:18-19

Our Aim as a Church

  • to support our Mission Partners (MPs) – those from CCC who are living abroad – as they share with others God’s love and the good news of Jesus.[1]
  • to strengthen our ties with Mission Partners (MPs) and encourage them through prayer, giving and going.
  • to learn from what God is teaching believers in other parts of the world.

Role of Mission in Action (MIA) Coordinator

  • to oversee CCC’s mission work overseas.
  • to communicate with and be accountable to CCC leadership team.
  • to appoint link people (LP) for CCC members who are serving God overseas.
  • to convene MIA group – comprised of link people (LPs),  Overseas Prayer Group coordinator, and a representative of CCC leadership team – by arranging termly get-togethers for encouragement, co-ordinating MP-support strategies, and organising rota for Missionary of the Month (MoM) see below.
  • to ensure Overseas Prayer Group is encouraged and supported.
  • to present a worldview focus to the CCC family e.g. produce a photo sheet of MPs available to congregation, and posted on welcome display board, provide information for CCC website.
  • to encourage prayer and support for MPs e.g. for small groups/PDAs/children’s groups to ‘adopt an MP’ for prayer, writing letters, birthday gifts, cards etc.
  • to present financial needs of MP and assist in annual review of giving within budget set by leaders /guardians /trustees. Publicise annually via newssheet.
  • to develop overseas ministry in CCC e.g. arrange trips  for individuals/teams to visit MPs; encourage young CCC members to consider spending time (e.g. in a gap year) with overseas mission; help prepare those who plan to work with overseas mission, short or long term.

Role of Link Person (LP)

  • to care for their MP and facilitate good communication between them and CCC, by keeping in regular contact and up-to-date with their news through e.g. email, phone calls, cards, visiting.
  • to feedback any specific prayer requests or new situations to CCC as appropriate.
  • to champion their MP’s cause by pro-actively bringing their ministry to the attention of CCC for support, prayer, engagement and encouragement.
  • to be available to encourage mission generally within CCC and assist MIA coordinator and group however appropriate.
  • to take part on MoM rota and lead a prayer time (5mins?) for their MP during a Sunday meeting.
  • to help coordinate MP’s visits back in the UK, particularly time spent with CCC.    e.g. hosting or organizing a lunch or tea for MP and interested CCC members.
  • to have details of others (g. family, sending organisation) who might need to be contacted in an emergency.
  • to help MP prepare for their return abroad.
  • to have details of others (e.g. family, sending organisation) who might need to be contacted in an emergency.

[1] Also to include those working with Friends International in Exeter